Newsflash, Everyone: Tom Daley Isn’t Gay

He’s bisexual. And yes, it does make a big difference.

Tom explicitly says in the video that he still “fancies girls,” and he never uses the word “gay,” “homosexual,” or any other synonymous word to describe his sexuality.

The fact that media outlets immediately jump to the conclusion that he’s gay not only contributes to the issue of bisexual erasure, it also misrepresents what Tom Daley said, which was exactly what he wanted to avoid by making the YouTube video in the first place.

So get your facts straight everyone. Tom made an incredibly courageous decision in coming out and he deserves our support and respect.

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I love how there are so many athletes who break down in tears because they ‘only got a silver’

and then you have this motherfucker

I’m sorry, but I really hate posts like this. You have to realize that when you get silver, it’s cause you LOST to the opponent. When you get bronze, it’s cause you WON over the other opponent(s). There’s a very big difference between the two.

And I’m getting the feeling that you guys don’t understand. Not winning gold is unacceptable in China. These athletes have been training since they were young for this and they were separated from their families for this… Olympic gold has been their entire life. And they did so on government money; parents don’t have pay for training, the government does. So when they don’t win gold, they are ultimately shunned by the entire country. They can cry if they want to.

Honestly, the people I notice making comments like the one above are ignorant people who know jack shit about China and Chinese Americans who, I repeat, know jack shit about China.

But congrats to you Tom Daley.

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omfg can this guy get any more attractive

If he takes off those speedos… then yes, yes he can.

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i need to go to that party

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&& we shall be unintended legacies

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