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"Working on Game of Thrones is amazing. There’s like five units all going on at the same time, and somehow they manage to put it all together at the end and it looks beautiful (…) The Daenerys section of Game of Thones, last year we shot in Morocco, and this year we’re shooting in Croatia. We get like the good end of the stick. Everybody else is in Ireland, or Iceland and all these cold places. And we get the beach." — Jacob Anderson for Hunger TV [x]

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my skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel

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a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

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How will we know the end?

You’ll  k n o w

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Robb took them all the way down to the end, past Grandfather and Brandon and Lyanna, to show them their own tombs. Sansa kept looking at the stubby little candle, anxious that it might go out. Old Nan had told her there were spiders down here, and rats as big as dogs. Robb smiled when she said that. “There are worse things than spiders and rats,” he whispered. “This is where the dead walk.” That was when they heard the sound, low and deep and shivery. Baby Bran had clutched at Arya’s hand. When the spirit stepped out of the open tomb, pale white and moaning for blood, Sansa ran shrieking for the stairs, and Bran wrapped himself around Robb’s leg, sobbing. Arya stood her ground and gave the spirit a punch. It was only Jon, covered with flour. “You stupid,” she told him, “you scared the baby,” but Jon and Robb just laughed and laughed, and pretty soon Bran and Arya were laughing too.
The memory made Arya smile, and after that the darkness held no more terrors for her. […] She was going home. Everything would be better once she was home again, safe behind Winterfell’s grey granite walls.

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I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night, and all the nights to come.

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Sansa Stark ± clasping her hands

                             (Requested by anonymous.)

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Baelor / Blackwater / The Rains of Castamere / The Watcher on the Walls

"Episode 9 has always been the big episode."

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&& we shall be unintended legacies

Rita. an aspiring lawyer and archaeologist. France and Italy. white dresses. tulips and lilies. playing marco polo in the rain forest. book junkie. hockey watcher. stamp collector. eternal scholar.