Rainbows overwhelm the sky as Deadpool officially joins the ranks of Marvel’s LGBTQIA community


For years there’s been rainstorms obstructing the clarity of Deadpool’s sexuality but last night the skies cleared when current author Gerry Duggan confirmed Deadpool’s pansexuality on twitter.

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Deadpool vs Comikaze Expo 2012

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When we finally get a Deadpool movie Stan Lee’s cameo should be Deadpool meeting him like “STAN LEE? HOLY CRAP. CAN YOU SIGN MY COPY OF X-MEN #1?! PHOTO OP!”

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Deadpool Trivia #884



The voices in Deadpool’s head fuck while he sleeps

Yellow box and White box are my OTP

I ship it.

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Spidey using his infamous crotch move to disarm Deadpool. Although I think we all know who really won in this situation.

Just seeing if I still know how to Prisma because my tablet cord might not get here for 3 more days! ; ~;

 Deadpool vs Anime Expo (x) 

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&& we shall be unintended legacies

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