i get anxious for people who fall asleep on public transit. like where is your home? how many stops have you missed? this was not a time for a nap

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2/3/14 Blackhawks @ Kings post-game: Patrick Kane talks about the passing away of his grandfather earlier today (X)

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patrick kane celebrating his first period goal for his late grandfather

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Microbeads a major problem in L.A. River

"The beads come mostly from personal care products such as facial exfoliants and body washes. They are not biodegradable, however, and because they are not removed easily by wastewater treatment plants, they flow out to sea and enter the food chain.”

Gotta stick to the natural shit, y’all. Damn. Humans really are the fucking worst.

Look for scrubs that do NOT use plastic beads.

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37 of 30 → moments i fall in love with patrick kane

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growing up is realizing that every single one of your problems is caused by you being a fucking idiot

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If you are even a small part of the BBC Sherlock fandom reblog this now



everything will be explained later

i’m reblogging this because the sherlock fandom is terrifying and I’m scared that if I don’t reblog this one day I’m just going to be killed in my sleep when they rid the world of all non-believers or something and that’s what they meant by “everything will be explained later”

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&& we shall be unintended legacies

Rita. an aspiring lawyer and archaeologist. France and Italy. white dresses. tulips and lilies. playing marco polo in the rain forest. book junkie. hockey watcher. stamp collector. eternal scholar.