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Resilience in the face of adversity by sdudeman

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don’t romanticize the past. romanticize the future. the future has starfleet

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for nana → seth bossing richie around

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penguinspens replied to your post “[[MOR]YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO HAVE SEX ON YOUR DEAD SON’S BODY. OMFG….”

Woah woah! What are we watching?! :/

LOL. Game of Thrones. D:

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Matt Calvert scores in OT for the first playoff win in Blue Jackets’ history.

(And they subsequently celly harder than your team could ever dream of.)

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2012 daisy

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&& we shall be unintended legacies

Rita. an aspiring lawyer and archaeologist. France and Italy. white dresses. tulips and lilies. playing marco polo in the rain forest. book junkie. hockey watcher. stamp collector. eternal scholar.