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flowers   wow.  
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At this point, you have to love those bromances. They’re just too adorable.

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28 Aug: Happy Birthday, Amanda Kessel!

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Women of the World

Photos by Steve McCurry

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Chris Pratt and Dylan Prunty Recite Lines from “The LEGO Movie”

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My friend knows someone who keeps all her money in a  hollow dildo. If you don’t think that’s genius, just imagine a robber stealing from a teenage girl’s room. Is he going to look in the dildo? Is he even going to want to touch the dildo?? No. A hollow dildo is safer than any safe or lock. 

Be safe, kids. Keep your money in a dildo.

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&& we shall be unintended legacies

Rita. an aspiring lawyer and archaeologist. France and Italy. white dresses. tulips and lilies. playing marco polo in the rain forest. book junkie. hockey watcher. stamp collector. eternal scholar.