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i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah

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Knit one row a day for a year, matching the yarn color to the color of the sky that day.

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There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.

Sansa Stark Meme - 9/9 quotes

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one player per team → taylor hall, edmonton oilers

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Anthony, Jeremy and William Brodeur @ Devils Development Camp [x]

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Bates Family Parallels [1/?]: self-loathing + suicidal thoughts

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"I knew you’d stop me one day."

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tree frog and tree python are totes besties. photos by fahmi bhs (previously featured) in jakarta (more precious lil buddies)

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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awww!   frogs   snakes   cute   animals  

&& we shall be unintended legacies

Rita. an aspiring lawyer and archaeologist. France and Italy. white dresses. tulips and lilies. playing marco polo in the rain forest. book junkie. hockey watcher. stamp collector. eternal scholar.